Jewellery Services

Knowing that each and every client is an individual with unique needs and wishes, Jewellery Connection has an extensive list of services on offer.

If you are looking for a service that we have not included on our list, please do contact us so that we can be of assistance to you.

Diamond JewelleryOur services include:

  • Jewellery design and manufacture,
  • Manufacture of jewellery according to client’s design or sketches,
  • Silvergoldtitanium and platinum jewellery selection,
  • Re-setting of gemstones,
  • Jewellery repairs and jewellery cleaning,
  • Remodelling of jewellery,
  • Trading in of old jewellery for credit on the purchase or manufacture of new jewellery,
  • Hand manufacturing of engagement rings and wedding rings,
  • Jewellery valuations and appraisals (including those required for insurance purposes),
  • Insurance replacement of lost or stolen jewellery,
  • Sale of laboratory certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices,
  • Sale of loose tanzanite and other gemstones at wholesale prices,
  • Repairs to damaged diamonds or gemstones,
  • Restringing and repair of pearls,
  • Pearl and jewellery cleaning solutions,
  • Engraving of jewellery,
  • Bespoke jewellery manufacture,
  • Tax-free shopping for tourists,
  • Tourist shuttle service to and from Jewellery Connection,
  • Fingerprint laser engraving,
  • Batteries for watches,
  • Service to watches.