Damascus Steel Rings Information

How is Damascus steel made?

Our Damascus steel is made by combining two alternating types of stainless steel (AEB-L and 302 on our standard Damascus steel and 304 and 316 on our Kuro Damascus steel). Master craftsman heat, bond, fold and twist the metals together to produce dramatic patterns. There can be more than 100 layers in each finished piece of Damascus steel. No two Damascus steel rings will ever look exactly alike.

What’s so special about Damascus steel?

Damascus steel has a long and mysterious history. Damascus steel originated in Middle Eastern sword-making. Blacksmiths that produced Damascus steel became famous for the superior quality of their weapons. The art of Damascus Steel was closely guarded and over centuries the process of how it was made was lost. Scientific studies have discovered many elements that were included in Damascus steel swords such as carbon nanotubes, nanowire, exotic micro alloying, and super plasticity. Modern production processes can create metals with all of these characteristics, but it remains a mystery how such advanced elements were able to be done with this ancient art.