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Diamond Information

Are you looking for loose or set diamonds at wholesale prices?

Loose cut diamondsDiamonds are seen worldwide as a symbol of love and commitment. Formed from a single element, Carbon, they are the hardest substance known to mankind. Despite their remarkable hardness, they are extremely brittle and should thus be treated with care.

A rough diamond may seem dull and lifeless, but in the hands of an expert cutter, this rough is transformed into a polished stone exploding with fire and brilliance.

Since diamonds are composed of a single element, they are the purest of all gemstones. Chemical inpurities in diamonds are responsible for some of the beautiful colours found in natural diamonds, including nitrogen (yellow diamonds) and boron (blue diamonds).

Most jewellery and diamond shoppers have heard of the 4C's that one needs to be aware of when investing in diamonds or diamond jewellery. Cut, colour, clarity and carat (weight) are the 4 factors that influence diamond price and the price relationship between these 4 characteristics is complex. Jewellery Connection will show you how to best maximise your budget for a diamond, helping you understand the cut, colour, clarity and carat and how buy the best diamond possible, at wholesale prices. Contact us for all your loose diamond and diamond jewellery requirements.

For more information on the 4C's Cut - Clarity - Carat - Colour

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